I Shall Not Live In Vain…

Maryanne from Poetic Inspirations posted this and i love it and so i am reposting here.

Reposted from Poetic Inspirations. Poetry Print by Art by Andrea

And i firmly believe i am not praying for special needs orphans in vain, that even if just one of them finds a family, i would rejoice! i trust that God has a plan for my little Heath, that He is preparing a family for my lovely Heather. i just have to do my part; pray and advocate, be a voice for them who have none.

Today i would like to speak for Dmitry.

Doesn’t he look adorable and bursting with potential?

He will be 8 in a few months. His profile (click on his picture to view the whole profile) lists so much potential; potential which can be brought to their fullness under the care of a loving, supportive and encouraging family. i can just see Dmitry being the boy who would be the first one to tend to a friend who has fallen down, he would be the one who surprises all with his skills at workshop classes. Do you see what i see?

He needs his family if he is to know that he has that potential and have the opportunity to shine in that potential. So please help; pray for him, share his picture and story so that his family can reach him sooner. Stop and think – could you be his family?

This has been a post for Teamwork Tuesday on Reece’s Rainbow Prayer Warriors.


PS: do remember to pray and advocate for my little Heath and my lovely Heather.

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