The ABCs… for the betterment of the Orphans…

A: Adoption – that’s the final goal of Reece’s Rainbow’s advocate ministry – to get these precious ones a home, a loving family to care for them and help their fulfill their potential. i pray that for my son everyday – that he will fulfill his potential. So consider adopting one of these precious ones if you are looking to expand your family and are in a position to adopt.

B: Be Bold and tell the world about the needs of these special needs orphans. Share their stories so that their forever family can find them soon. Speak for them for they can not speak for themselves.

C: Cheer the families on. Encourage the families who are on a wonderful, scary and difficult adoption journey; a journey to bring home a little one (or a few little ones). Support them financially if you can. Pray for them. Comment on their blogs to help them keep their spirits up.

D: Devote time to pray. As you can see there is so much and so many to pray for. Join up as a Prayer Warrior. Prayers can move mountains because God has promised that He will answer, especially when 2 or 3 are gathered in His Name. And there are more than 2 or 3 in the Prayer Warrior group.

E: Encourage others to join you as you advocate, pray and donate/fundraise. Get a team together and make it a project! It is a great cause and will bring people together.

F: Faith. Have faith. Have faith on behalf of these lovely children that God is working right this very minute to bring a family to them.

G: Give generously. Donate; towards the Voice of Hope Fund or towards the adoption grant of a specific orphan who touches your heart. Or a few of them, as the Lord leads.

H: Hope. Bring hope. You bring hope by simply being involved – whether through prayer or advocating or simply giving what little you can. You may not see it but you bring hope when you decide that these fatherless, motherless children are worth your time, even if it is just a tiny bit of it.

Today is Tuesday & on the Reece’s Rainbow Prayer Warrior group Facebook page, it is Teamwork Tuesday. On this day, we all (those who are taking part) show off the child of the week. As i am a little unclear as to who we are supposed to show off, i will show off the 2 kids, both picked for the 2nd half of May.

Meet Andrey:

Andrey is 5 years old and spent those years without a family. He has been waiting so very long… He needs a mummy/daddy today.

Boy was born in May 2007
Diagnosis: Down syndrome and possible other facial deformities
Personable, active, friendly! And being saved from the same place as Kirill.

Here’s Quinten:

Quinten is 3 years old, the perfect age to be integrated into a loving family who will help him reach his potential. He needs his family now.

(Photo on the right)

Date of Birth: August 2009
Gender: Male
Eyes: Gray
Hair: red
Character: noisy, active
Diagnosis: DS (Down syndrome), delayed development, protein-calorie deficiency, non-malignant growth

As you can see there is very little known about these 2 boys, but that doesn’t mean their need is less… to me, it means that their need is more because we don’t know the true situation they are in or their exact medical condition. Andrey doesn’t even have enough information to get a donation button. But their bright eyes say so much; they speak of how much they long to do, how much they can do if only they are given the chance to. And that chance can exist, but they need a caring family to provide that chance and support and encourage these amazing kids.

Please do pray for them. Do not turn away. Advocate for them. Consider adopting Quinten if you can. These children need us to stand in the gap for them.

Do also remember my little Heath & lovely Heather in your prayers and efforts.


PS: this ABCs was inspired by this wonderful lady

4 Replies to “The ABCs… for the betterment of the Orphans…”

    1. i do what little i can – if i could, they would all be home with me today… sob! Thanks for praying – it does more than you will ever know…


      1. I know how you feel. I want to take them away from their pain too, but my husband’s not so into the idea of adopting.


      2. If you do feel strongly about adopting, then keep praying… i am praying too. i have seen God’s wonderful answers to women in the same situation… the rr prayer warrior fb page is indeed a great way to see God working 1st hand.. 🙂


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