Happy Birthday My Little Heath…

Imagine 11 years, that is 572 weeks, which translates into 4015 days, all spent alone, from the moment you entered this world till now, spent alone, in a place where no one has the time to care for you, to love you, to hug you when you are frightened, to pick you up when you fall, in a place where your environment consists of nothing but 4 bare walls, where your companions scream and cry for no reason other than boredom and hopelessness, in a place where toys and books have no place or meaning.

11 years old Heath, who really needs his family to find him asap.

That’s how my little Heath has spent his short life to date. Yesterday (8th April) was his 11th birthday – 11 birthdays without anyone noticing, or caring, 11 birthdays in which he doesn’t even know what a birthday means.

My heart aches. Not in a position to adopt here is what i do.

i pray for him daily and hope with all my heart that God lifts him up and help him hold on till his forever family come for him. i pray that the Lord himself holds Heath, hugs Heath and whispers loving words to Heath every day. i pray hearts and hands are moved to adopt Heath, to support Heath in funding and prayers.

Have you ever though of adopting? i ask you to consider Heath and the precious ones on Reece’s Rainbow. They truly need a family to shower them with love and help them fulfill their potential.

What could be stopping you from adopting? Financial?  Heath’s adoption grant from Reece’s Rainbow is sizeable. See the link below for more possible financial aid.

How Can I Afford to Adopt? – Justin Taylor.

Don’t turn away from my beloved Heath. Pray for him, love him, advocate for him, adopt him.


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