9 Ways to Reduce Stress…

No better way to de-stress than lounging by the lakeside in Brienz, Switzerland, enjoying both the view of the amazing mountains and of the shimmering lake.

So we had a rather full week, last week. Did you? Are you ready to start another week? i’m not too sure myself so i looked up ways to relief stress and came across this list which i thought i share. Before you read the whole article, i want to share my favourite 3 ways to reduce stress:

  1. Cup of Tea – i love tea. i do not drink coffee at all (even though i like the smell of it). And i love my tea strong, as strong as possible. i never take the tea bag out, ever. i have recently developed a habit of drinking tea before bedtime, at least every other evening and usually green tea which is light and refreshing. It sorts of puts my mind at rest. i really recommend this after a long day at work or at home (depending on where and what your work is).
  2. Laugh – Who doesn’t like to laugh? Laughter, after all, has been said to be the best medicine. So give it a try. i always have a few of my favourite comedies on DVD which i can pull out and watch to make the corners of my mouth curve upwards šŸ˜‰
  3. Find a Room with a View – i truly Thank God we live in Switzerland, one of the most beautiful places on this earth. i always tell my friends, “You know the postcards you see of Switzerland. Well, they are real, no photoshop, no fake lighting etc. What you see on those postcards is real. That’s what you see when you get here.” Staring at the wonderful view of these incredible mountains certainly gives one perspective; enough of a mountain top view will enable you to look down at your problems and see a way out of the maze.

So have a read of the article below and let me know which are your favourite ways to relax.

9 Ways to Reduce Stress – Cholesterol Management – RealAge.


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