My New Favourite Household Chore…

That’s right – you heard it right – i have a new favourite chore… vacuuming!

That is since my beloved hubby got me a Dyson! It’s my Christmas present – i think (since he said on Christmas Eve that my present would come later & that week he bought me this – thank you beloved husband)

Now you have to know something about me – i love gadgets, especially kitchen & household gadgets; & i love them more if they cut my working time 😀 So having said that, i have had my eye on a Dyson for the longest time… i actually researched a tiny bit… ok… a fair bit about vacuum-cleaners. Obsessive? Maybe… but when you have a family who all have sensitive noses, getting the right vacuum is an important thing. The one problem with the Dyson was its price. We could never afford it before because we had to save or spend on something else more in need. So we always had the average vacuum.

The Dyson
The Dyson

Why do i love the Dyson so much? Because you can actually feel, with your bare feet, how clean the floor is after you have vacuumed! i can literally walk across the floor & tell the difference between places where the vacuum has or has not been. With our old vacuum, i always felt as if i hadn’t done a good enough job cleaning the floor. & the Dyson also cleans my carpets in half the time it took the other one. i’m always the first in the house to see dust/dirt – as a good friend once told me, i have a low tolerance for dirt, meaning i will usually be the one to notice the dirt. So it (the Dyson) really does suck up all that fine micro dust/dirt.

Oooh, another thing – i love how it stows away – we got the Stowaway model. See how the tubing is all wrapped around the body of the vacuum, it is actually made to fit that way. No extra tubes to fit together, just click on the right brush-head & off you go 😀

Off to enjoy time saved from using a great sucker 😉


PS: i have not been paid or received any form of compensation or any other benefits/remuneration from Dyson for writing this post. i simply wanna share my joy in finding a household appliance which truly works. 🙂

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