First Day of School in 2012…

Tobias' School Bag

…after a 2-week Christmas/New Year break, today was back to the school routine, where we (meaning Mummy) are up at 6am in the morning, getting ready & fixing breakfast, then waking the Little Guy up & getting him fed, teeth brushed & clothed. Then the Little Guy wakes his Daddy with a goodbye kiss before he gets shooed out the door at 7.45am to meet his friends downstairs & they walk to school together.

Mummy’s favourite part of this early morning routine is standing at the bedroom window & watching the Little Guy walk down the street, happily chatting with his friends on their way to school (auf dem Schuleweg, in German). It sooo fills Mummy with pride to see her Little Guy growing up & being independent. While Mummy loves watching this, her heart aches a little knowing that there is no turning back the clock… so she is treasuring moments like this…


PS: this is not to say that there are no hair-pulling-child-discipline moments… there are… but Mummy knows that many many years later, she will likely remember more precious moments such as the above than frustrating moments 😉

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