The Sparkling Stars Are Gone…

Today i took down the Christmas Tree & all its decorations, took down the window decorations & balcony lights, took down the wreath on the front door & the little bells on the bedroom doors. They are all packed into their boxes, waiting for 365 days to pass before making their appearance again.

After & Before TakeDown
After & Before TakeDown

Now i look at my windows, at my walls, at the doors & they all look so empty, too white, too plain. It made me think about all that craziness that happens just for the sake of making Christmas special – the buying, the rush, the presents, the cards, the decorations, the lights, the food, the parties & so much more…

What is the real reason for doing all these? For us, the reason for the season is Jesus Christ & He is what makes Christmas special, not all the frills.

This led me to thoughts about how we sometimes fill our lives with “decorations” & how it blocks the view out of the window. How we sometimes only see the display of sparkling stars on the window & we miss the beautiful real stars out there in the velvet night sky. Are we sometimes lost in the shimmering lights & the true light in our lives is lost?

i know i am, very many times, caught in the doing & i lost out on the being. Like being a parent; i’m so into doing it right, making sure he has everything, getting him to accomplish that i forget about being a mummy; simply being there for my little guy, just enjoy being his mother, just enjoy him.

What are the true and valuable things in your life? Maybe it is time to take down the decorations & truly look & step into the real world. Sometimes when things are white & plain are when they are clear and sure.


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