It has been about 6 weeks since…

We left for our annual visit back to Singapore 😉
Yes it was a great visit as it always is – packed with family, friends & of cos food – the 3 "f"s that one can do without 😀

Here’s a little picture summary:

The day we left, it was the World Cup Finals … as u can see, people were watching very different screens @ the airport from ones they normally would be watching 😉

1st attempt @ kite flying with daddy…

Welcoming a new addition to our "extended" family…

This hotel – Golden Sands Resort – was the talk of the town while we were there. It is one of two integrated resorts (with casino) in Singapore. It’s rooftop view is said to be spectacular – you pay S$20 to see it. & it has a wonderful infinity pool at the top. We had planned to but in the end, did not get to see the view in the end.

& of cos we met up with our crazy loving bunch of friends – can’t feature them all… way too many… but u know who u are 😉 & we love u all so… i was also glad to have caught up with some friends we don’t normally get to see…

We bought ourselves a new toy :p – a netbook… it’s soooo cute… hoping it would inspire me in the month of Nov when i do NaNoWriMo

Time to have some "superhero" fun ;)…

On top of one of the new buildings along Orchard Road (the shopping district). There are just soooo many changes – it’s hard to keep up with all these changes in the landscape year after year. The sad part is some very iconic buildings have been lost in the name of progress…

Not forgetting our annual beach time…

The other talk of the town was the fairly newly open Universal Studios Singapore… we went for a little visit. Heads up for those intending to visit – it’s a whole day affair. Details of this visit will be in another post… way too much to put here.

Family Time – it was my Grandmother’s 96th birthday & the entire extended family got together… it was great to see everyone but scary to know that there quite a few we don’t even know their names :p

The other exciting thing was that the 1st-ever YOG (Youth Olympic Games) was being held in Singapore. & even more exciting was that the Olympic flame passed my mum’s place 😉 Tobias was very very excited. It was also interesting for Tobias to watch his 1st-ever National Day Parade on telly.

Another interesting thing was the 3-storey slide @ Changi airport. In this picture u can see a smaller slide behind the bigger one. The single storey slide is free to ride but u would have to spend a certain amount at the airport to ride the bigger one & it’s not for kids, only adults. We tried the small one – it was quite fun.

It was a fun-filled time, packed with loads of laughter, shared memories & delicious food…
Food-tank, emotional-tank filled for another year 😉

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