This post is all about growing things.

1st of all, for weeks now Tobias has been talking very excitedly about his wobbly tooth (lower left front tooth). He has been proudly showing it off to anyone who cared to listen. Last week, it finally fell – it was Tuesday, 30th August! He said it fell while he was eating his apple (snack) at Kindi & that he swallowed it! So much for keeping it for the tooth-fairy (not that we ever mentioned the tooth-fairy to him before ;))

Here’s him so very proudly showing off the gap:

My little guy is not staying little anymore – he’s growing!! Sigh!

The other things which are growing around here are our Tomato Plants (if you have not been following, see here, here & here)
When i picked them (the plants) up from our friend & neighbour, they had completely exploded out of their pots & were falling over as well as the pot was not draining excess water well enough & they were turning yellow, but they had some fruit already.

Here’s how they looked (in some serious need of TLC):

So new pots were bought & they were moved (just the bigger ones) into them:

i had also cut a few little branches & planted them, hoping to get new plants.

They did really well in their new homes & fruited even more 😀

However, they were not turning red, not ripening. Then i had the wonderful opportunity of meeting some beloved friends (they came for a little weekend visit – a very special weekend – which i may post about next) who gave wonderful tips. Thanks to Chris & Jean ;D

They advised cutting away all the lower branches & reduce watering. Which i did:

They also said to put down banana skins. Which again i did & this is the result a few days later:

And this is TODAY!

Now i’m not sure whether i should wait till all in one bunch ripen before plucking them off or should i just go ahead & take the red ones off?? There is no one bunch which has all the fruit growing at the same rate – i keep getting bunches with fruits already & then the end flowers again & we get small little ones at the end.

Oh and another thing – the package we bought said Cherry Tomatoes but these are certainly not cherry tomatoes 😉

can’t wait to eat them ;p

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