A couple of Lasts for Tobias …

So in the midst of packing & saying good bye to our neighbours in our nice little block of flats, Tobias has had to say a few goodbyes of his own – but he is way too excited about the fact that he’s going to Kindi to be too sad about goodbyes. On the contrary, i’m the one feeling all blue – sigh.

He said goodbye to the Kangaroo Club when he has spent 1 happy year – learning more social skills & improving on his Swiss while still getting the English (it’s a bilingual pre-school).

Here are a few photos from there:

Working on crafts with his friends.

Riding in the garden with his friends.

Playing doctor in the playroom.

Oh one of the fringe benefits of him going to the Kangaroo Club is that i get to drive through some lovely countryside – here’s just a little peek:

Not great pictures but on days with good weather, i was rushing & this was a not so fantastic day weatherwise & there are not many places to stop for pictures but u get a little feel of the nice scenary.

Tobias also said goodbye to the daycare (Kinder Krippe Tubeschlag) where he has been going since he was 2.5yrs old & has spent a most wonderful time there – picking up lots of Swiss & having lots of different kids to play with (including one with special needs). i loved how the environment there is truly like a family, not like a business or an education centre – they (kids & carers) really do care for each other. It is sad to leave them – they have been a great source of information & support for us – me especially.

Here are some photos from his last day (they have a little celebration everytime anyone (kid or carer) leaves – on this day, they had 2 kids (Tobias & Johnas) & a carer. These were taken with my Palm mobile so the quality is just terrible but it was all i had as the batteries on the camera died on me.

Here everyone who is leaving gets to carry a little cloth bundle at the end of a pole & walk around as everyone else sings the good bye song – which includes things like we love having you & sad that you leave but send you on happily to *land (in Tobias’ case it was to Kindiland).

Everyone enjoying the goodies on the table – there were 2 cakes as one of the boys had his birthday & i had also baked a cake for the occasion (it was an almost vegan one – i did not have soya butter at home).

Tobias with some of the carers – a few have left since we have been there, there were also those who were not working that day.

i’m not sure if Tobias will come to miss his carers & friends from these places – maybe he will once it truly sinks in that he’s not going back anymore or maybe he won’t – but i sure will miss all these wonderful people who have made a huge difference in our lives – especially with adjusting to living here 😀 i love being a SAHM & won’t trade for anything but these people made it easier & kept me sane (need for mummy’s time).
From the bottom of my heart, i thank them all!

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