Tobias Sings Abba…

Since getting the Mama Mia VCD from Singapore & watching it, then listening to the original musical soundtrack in the car, songs from Abba have become a favourite of Tobias’. Here’s a video of Tobias singing Money, Money Money:

Actually, his favourite of all time is Dancing Queen & Lay All Of Your Love On Me but i did not manage a video of those as he refused to sing anymore after this video was shot.

Why am i blogging about this now? Well, cos it’s the 54th Eurovision Song Contest now & Abba who won it 35 years ago in 1974 are once again in the spotlight. & most importantly, Tobias is soooo cute when he sings the songs …

By the way, Tobias singing this song is in no way a reflection of what we hope he would make his life’s work …

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