Happy Mother’s Day Mummy … & all to mothers …

Ever since becoming a mother myself, i appreciate all that my mother has done for me, & is still doing, even more than before. i have always had a wonderful relationship with my mother, she is not openly overly affectionate or expressive, being Asian, but she loves us to bits. She would wake early (like 5am) to make sure breakfast was all ready for us before we go to school, to wake us to make we are on time for school & work, she makes sure that there is always, not just food to eat, but she make sure that our fav foods were always available to us. She buys clothes & everything we need for us so that we will not lack. She sacrifices her time, energies, emotions all for us. No words can ever express fully what a terrific mother she is & how very very grateful i am to have her as my mother …

I Love You Mummy!

How much I love you I can’t say:
It’s more than words can hold.
You’re all at once my rich, red clay,
My potter and my mold.

Yours the words that shaped my voice,
The spirit within mine.
Yours the will that shaped my choice,
My fortune, and my sign.

How lucky I was to have had you
At the core of me!
Wise and good, you always knew
Just what I could be.

And so I came to be someone
Whom I could be proud of.
For this I give my swollen sum
Of gratitude and love.

To all the mothers out there, Happy Mother’s Day!!
You are doing a great job & mothering is one of the more fantastic thing in the world 😀


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