My little guy is now 5 … unbelievable!

That’s right – exactly 2 days & 14hrs ago, my little boy turned 5. i’m not sure why … but this birthday of his seems to hold more significance than the others … maybe cos he will be going to Kindergarten in August, the start of another chapter in his little life … maybe cos i have just realised, truly am aware of how much he has grown, from that chubby baby of 3.5kg, 52cm to this constant bundle of energy of 19kg (i think), 115cm.

Here’s the birth story, which i have never recorded in written form before:
So exactly 5 years, 3 days & 16 hrs ago, i felt the 1st labour pains … they weren’t actually pains, more like a tightening of muscles … didn’t think much about them. Had breakfast, quietly told Walter about it (we had Tobias’ Godparents staying with us, they came especially for his arrival), rang the hospital – they said stay at home till labour is closer. Took his Godpa to the pharmacy to get medication for his gout, then came home for lunch. Labour by this time was 15mins apart but still not strong, however there was greenish discharge so we decided to ring the hospital again – the nurse decided they needed to see me as it was a sign that baby was in distress – so we told his Godparents & went to the hospital. Spent the rest of the day just walking around the ward, trying to induce faster labour & dilation. Didn’t work, had to spend the night. They gave me something to allow me to sleep. Twice in the night i felt the need to push but the nurse said not time yet. Then finally at 6am, they said we were ready to go. So off we went. Now i had wanted a water birth (i love being in the water) but cos of the signs of distress & less than strong contractions, they won’t not let me in the water at all. Anyhow, so on the birthing bed i was, pushing for about 2 hours, by which time my doctor had arrived (before that it was the lovely midwives who took care of me), she decided that labour had been too long & baby’s heartbeat was not ideal, so they pulled him out (vacuum). They asked Walter if he wanted to cut the cord, which he did & then he was allowed to give Tobias his very 1st bath. Cleaned & wrinkled he was given to me & my heart swelled 😀 All in all it was a great experience!

Here’s a pictorial view of Tobias from birth till 4 years old:

At birth                                          At one month                               

Sleeping with Daddy (1 mth)                   In the bath (6 mths)

At 1 year old                                 At 2 years old                        

At 3 years old                                                At 4 years old

i can’t believe how he has changed & grown – i miss my little "fat cheeks" – sigh!

i’ll post up pictures of him at 5 years old & birthday photos next week once i am done with all the baking & parties he is having this week ;p

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