Off we go…

… to Singapore that is – in 6hrs we have to be up, get ready & go catch the train to Zurich Airport for our 12 hr flight to Singapore!

Tobias was sooo excited he could hardly contain himself – making himself more hyperactive than normal! He could not fall asleep till 11ish i think – i’m not sure we’ve been busy packing.

So now we are all packed & ready to go.

Oh by the way, thank you all for your well-wishes – we (Tobias & myself) spent the whole of last week ill – Tobias’ fever stayed around for a whole 7x days before it finally & completely went away! i had a better time – was seriously unwell for only 3x or 4x days. Anyhow, we are both recovered & well now.

i also found out that we have not been the only ones down – apparently there is a nasty bug making it’s rounds, as well as chicken pox. i would love for Tobias to get chicken pox asap – it’s one of those childhood illnesses that needs to be done & over with asap – less complications, less itchy too i heard. But not now, since we are travelling.

ok i’m blubbing now… time to go sleep, need to be awake in less than 6hrs.

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