1st Illness of 2009…

Yep we are ill – me & the little guy. The big guy is away in Dallas – it seems we always fall ill while he is away – sigh! Maybe we miss him too much??

Anyhow, Tobias has been having fever since Monday – it goes up & then it comes down – most of Tuesday it stayed way high – 39degrees. Wednesday morning was better but after a nap it went up again & stayed there during the night. Today after waiting the required 3x days & paracetamol was not working, we went to the doctor’s – our regular doctor is away so we went to another one – he & his wife were very nice – quite elderly – both of them – they should be retired i think but maybe they keep going with the practice to serve long-time patients & have something to do – such a Swiss thing in my opinion. He mumbles a fair bit but i made out that Tobias has a bad flu – we were given suppositories & nose drops – after 1x dose Tobias was all better – but fever has stayed though only at 37.9degrees. He also has a cough. The doctor was so sweet – he wants to check Tobias again on Monday to make sure he is all well.

Me – well, i think i caught it from him fast – or maybe i was already coming down with something – i started with the cough on Tuesday & now have a full-blown cold with runny nose & cold hands & feet – sigh! sigh!

Here’s a shot of Tobias, resting on the sofa (his rosy cheeks are from the fever, not the cold weather), his hand is on his forehead cos of a headache:

Ok time to go rest – sniff sniff… cough cough…

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