…we are back…

Yes Yes – we left sunny Singapore on Thursday, 26th Feb & arrived that same night in cold wintery Switzerland.
Very jet-lagged – at least i am – i think Tobias is adjusting really well & much faster than me – mainly cos he got to sleep on the flight back. We tried the afternoon flight from Singapore – not too good – i feel. Tobias slept his normal 1hr nap on the flight & then did not sleep again till about 2hrs before we landed. When he was napping, i was finishing a movie, by the time i finished – he was awake – still i tried to sleep but he kept asking questions or for things etc… Then when he slept just before we landed, i was having my dinner so…

For those who don’t know – it was a 13hr flight – & we had been up for about 7hrs before that & plus the 1hr train ride & the minimum unpacking – another hour – we had been up for almost 24hrs.

Today was spent finishing the unpacking & stocking groceries & sleeping…

Still i’m tired…very…need sleep…

i promise – photos & stories to come in the next week or two…

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