Starting 2009…

Hmm… i have just looked at our blog archives since Jan 2006 – i have never posted a New Year’s post, nothing about resolutions or lack thereof. So this year i thot i will – mainly because i have been inspired by  Leonny from Our Everyday Things.

i will refer to some of what she has posted on her blog because like i said i’m inspired.

i look back on my year – on 2008 – & sigh!… feel that i have lost the year – sure i have done things, regular everyday things (eg cooking, cleaning) & there were the exciting things (NaNoWriMo, Swingen Fest etc…) but i feel that emotionally/spiritually i have been stuck – not moved forward, not backward either – just stuck. So i want to do something about this in 2009.

And where i like to start is with my family:
Leonny posted about refreshing our appreciation of life with children – i would like to refresh my appreciation of my little boy & my darling husband. So often i have been impatient with them, so often i have been too quick to judge, so often i have been assuming too much or taken them for granted. In 2009 i would like to appreciate them more – appreciate them for the little things that they do, the little joys that they bring, appreciate that they are different; one is a little person who can’t quite be "adult" about lots of things & is still learning about the world. The other is a man; a man whom i love & whom i know loves me dearly – he may not be as expressive about it as i would like it but still we love each other. Family life has it’s highs and it’s lows – all of it makes family, not just the highs.

Second place i want to work on is to know what & when we can choose to change things, & what & when we can’t. Leonny wrote about the year we can make choices – i would like to know what, where & when circumstances can be changed & which ones we just have to live & let live. Hopefully sparing myself some of the emotional stresses i put myself thru in 2008.

Here’s one more thing i hope to do in 2009:
i hope to set up another blog – a blog dedicated to the literary world – a blog all about reading & books with reviews & tips about books & reading for kids, for adults, for everyone. i hope to get family & friends to contribute to this blog – so let me know if you are interested to contribute.

Have a fulfilling 2009!

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