New Year, New Stuff…

Sometime in Dec i mentioned that we have new ski stuff – so here’s a parade of the new ski stuff:

Here’s Tobias in his new ski shoes:

Here’s Tobias trying out his new ski helmet & googles:

Here’s are my new skis & ski boots (ski poles not pictured):

The only shame is that i tried them out yesterday & it turns out that the boots are too narrow & caused my ankles lots of pain – i have an unusual situation with my feet – i have an extra bone sticking out just below where the ankle bone is – not obvious unless i point it out – but it means that shoes which are too narrow cause pain as the extra bone would be pushing out too much. So now we’ll have to look for a new pair of boots for me – but it’s ok – we got all these gear second hand so they were all cheap cheap.

Anyone wants to take a guess how much my skis & ski boots cost? Super cheap – have a guess.

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