Snow, snow, snow & yet more snow…

This morning – New Year’s Eve – it started snowing & i mean SNOWING – it was coming down in big fat flakes like i have never – i don’t remember it ever snowing such big fat heavy flakes at this level (400m) in the 6.3 yrs we have been here.
Here’s a little video of it:

So it snowed from about 9am till about 2.3pm – those big fat flakes came down with a vengence – then it thinned out & is still coming down now in little flurries as i write this. We may not have had a white Christmas but it looks like we will have a white New Year’s Day 😉 Snow still thrills me – i still stand there & stare at the flakes falling gently from the sky, feeling warm & fuzzy all over & spotting a silly grin on my face – hahahhahaa ;p Hubby gets a kick out of seeing me like this. Snow just fansinates me!

Well, talking about snow – we were surrounded by it for 3x days after Christmas – we went up to Interlaken & stayed for 3x days 2x nights – went skiing up in Muerren & Maennlichen – it was beautiful. We were up there with Michelle & Filippo & Enrico. The little hotel we stayed at was really nice, comfortable & cosy with very friendly staff – Hotel Roessli. They allowed dogs so Snowy went with us. He enjoyed himself rolling around in the snow – here’s a pict:

Tobias & Michelle took a 2-hr private lesson together – Michelle had never skiied before & this was her last chance to try before going home to Singapore. They enjoyed it. Thot Tobias lasted only maybe 1.5hrs – i’m not sure i wasn’t there – for the 1st time in a couple of years, Mummy got to ski – well, actually it felt like taking a private lesson – & it was a great private lesson – Filippo is a fantastic ski teacher 😉 i was very wobbly after having not skiied for so long – but he was patient & kind & was really good at pointing out what i did wrong at each of my countless number of falls & how i should correct myself – but the end of the very long run – i was doing quite ok – taking the turns correctly & staying upright for more than just a couple of minutes each time. But every time i lose focus i fall – i guess until it becomes second nature i will have to concentrate to get downhill ;p

Here are Tobias & Michelle at the end of their lesson:

Of cos there is another reason we go up to Muerren – we know someone who lives there & even better than that – he runs a Chinese resturant up there 😉 Authentic Singaporean food – yummy! If you ever go up there, look Uncle Tham up – there is only 1x Chinese resturant in that little carless alpine village.

Photo by Michelle

Oh & the other highlight of Muerren is that it is just below Schilthorn – which is where they filmed "On Her Majesty’s Service" 007 Jame Bond film. The view from the revolving resturant up there is just breathtaking!
Here’s a tiny glimse:

Photos by Michelle

The very cute & funny thing which happened was Tobias falling asleep in the middle of his lunch – he was simply so tired from his early morning & his ski lesson. This is not the 1st time he has fallen asleep mid-meal – the other time was also during a ski weekend – & it was the 1st time we put him on skis – 2x yrs ago – it was a lot less graceful – that last time he fell face 1st into his fries – at least this time he slumped into his chair ;p

The second day of skiing – i chose not to over do it & relaxed – a very short swim with Tobias & Michelle at the local public pool & then following the guys & Michelle up to Grindelwald – it was freezing there! i now know what the beginnings of frostbite feel like – it was -14degrees up there. This was below the cloud/fog line – once up higher, in the sunshine it wasn’t so bad. i spent the afternoon trying to help Tobias learn to stop (which was what the instructor had said he needed to work on). Here’s a video of him skiing in the little kids’ ski area:

Doesn’t he look soooo cute in his little outfit with helmet & googles & in case u didn’t get a good look – here’s a pict of him on the conveyor belt at the Kids’ Ski lift:

So that’s our post-Christmas adventure.

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