Christmas Day @ Yoongz…

i know – it’s 5x days past Christmas day – if you are a regular reader of our blog, you would know by now that’s how i blog – when the event has long past.

Anyhow, as is tradition, Christmas morning was filled with breakfast (pancakes) & presents:
Here’s us on Christmas morning:

Note: the little doggie is not ours – we are dogsitting for our neighbours – that’s little Snowy.

Here’s Tobias with his Christmas haul:

He got lots of toys this year – Cugolino, Tier Auf Tier (animal upon animal), wooden puzzle, 3x VCD (2x Bob the Builder & 1x Veggie Tales), 1x Bob the Builder figure & 1x hat/cap. Walter got 1x dual time watch, his fav English cheese (Red Leicester) as well as a few other English favourites & a candle light holder from Moroco (from our friend Michelle). Sandra got 2x scarfs this year – 1x from Walter (beige with little sparkles) & 1x from Michelle (blue from her travels).

We had Christmas day lunch with my cousin Linda & her husband, Sheldon & 2x boys – Joseph & Benjamin as well as Walter’s colleague, Filippo (Tobias’ beloved Uncle Filippo) & his friend, Enrico & of cos Michelle who was staying with us over Christmas.
Here’a a picture of them all:

Note: Michelle just darted out of the shot as i clicked so she is that cut-off person on the left šŸ˜‰

We had a lovely steamboat lunch & then Christmas pudding – we ate so much (for at least 2.5hrs, i think) that no one really wanted any dinner – except for the kids that is – they had what they had & still had room for dinner šŸ˜‰ Ahhhh… the days of having the ability to eat & enjoy & not worry about where it will "appear" on your body.

That’s it for now.

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