About Snow or lack thereof…

How ironic that by the time i get round to posting the wonderful snow pictures i took 2x weeks ago – the actual physical snow has all…& i mean ALL – completely! … melted away.
So here is a picture of the snow from 2x weeks ago:

The light is naturally that way – i did not do anything fancy – i was walking past the kitchen, on my way to bed, when i saw this beautiful orange glow in the sky – the snow looked wonderful in that light – i did not quite manage to capture it here – but u get a bit of what it was like. This picture was taken at a really slow shutter speed (long exposure) for those interested in such details – i balanced the camera on the window shutters so the picture is not sharp at all but it will do for the effect.

Back to the snow – so we had 2x weeks of snow & now after 2x days of above 5degrees temps – the snow has all melted & my dream of a white Christmas has also melted away 😦
Well, it’s ok – there is always next year, plus we are having steamboat for Christmas Lunch with family & friends – so that will make up for the lack of snow.

Speaking of snow – we had our 1st snow day last Saturday – it was nice – we went to Lenk with a friend. i didn’t ski as my skis are in the shop – so i focused on teaching what little i know to Tobias – He did wonderfully 🙂 Not much of the "i wanna do it my way" type thing – he listened & tried his best & guess what – he managed to learn how to stop!! He still remembered what our neighbours had taught him about ‘FrenchFries’ & ‘PizzaPie’ – so i carried on working with him on that & he did it! He stopped!

Here’s to more snow days to come 😉

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