Christmas Tree 2008 & Decorations…

We have been using the same Christmas decorations for the last 6x Christmases so this year i decided it is time for a change. So we have gone from blue/white/silver to gold/brown/rust.

Here’s the big wreath for the main door:

i decorated little brass bells with some baubles and ribbon for the door inside:

Here’s out advent candle & wreath – yes i only made it big enough for 1x candle – our dining table isn’t very big, plus it can be a fire risk with a kid around ;p

& of cos the highlight – Our Tree – looks a bit plain as i was not able to get any gold tinsel to go on the tree. btw for the chocolate lovers – all but a handful of ornaments are edible – made of chocolate – i so enjoy eating them off our tree each year ;D

Show us your Christmas deco!

PS: The pictures are blurred cos i tried to take them in the natural low light to show off the ‘real’ colours.

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