Interesting & Good Things to Share …

Once again – the snow pictures are getting postpone – oops!

Sad but true – these 2x topics are much more interesting…
1) Orgasmic Births – for all who have given birth or will give birth or thinking about giving birth.
2) Christmas Presents – obviously for everyone 😉

Orgasmic Births
Nino mentioned birthing somewhat causally in her Christmas Ornament Parade & i clicked on the link about it – very interesting! Amy @ Crunchy Domestic Goddess wrote about how the birthing experience can be a good, ecstatic & yes – even orgasmic. How so? Well, by letting the body do what it does best – women are built in with the ability to give birth – we just need to give the body a chance to work by itself before interventing.
My own birthing experience leads me to believe that such a thing is possible – no, i did not neccessarily have an orgasmic birth as such but it was a wonderful birth – a bit long but still i was not uncomfortable or screaming (only when the doctors intervent was there pain/screaming), lots of grunting & pushing as is normal. & i agree that the sensation of having delivered a little person into this world … nothing beats that!
Have a read & let me know what u think.

Christmas Presents
A dear friend posted on her blog or at least reposted on her blog – a list of meaningful Christmas presents to give – have a look & see if you could give one of these more heart-to-heart gifts instead of the usual stuff.
My favourite one is to give the Present of a Handwritten Note & to give the Present of Being Alone. The former i love to do & still do it now, the latter is something which i need to learn & relearn all the time ;p

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