Greetings from Santa…

i was going to post pretty snow pictures but i was introduced to these to really cute websites – so i’m introducing them to you.

If you know a little boy or a little girl would likes to get a holiday greeting by email, check out:
CBeebies Fun and Games – Time to Celebrate
It allows you to create a little video clip of the CBeebies host reading a special holiday greeting with custom name & even  greetings from their fav CBeebies cartoon character.
Tobias loved it!

But what he loved even more was getting a video greeting from the Big Red Guy himself – Santa sent him an email video greeting from his Portable North Pole Console 😉
Check it out!

You can include a custom picture, have Santa say what good deed the child has done, how old the child is, even have Santa know what their wish for Christmas is, as well as get an answer to some "How does Santa do that" question.

Have fun with these 😉

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