So little…so much to do…

Leonny at Our Everyday Things wrote about Overscheduled Kids & i completely agree with the article from which she quoted from.

There is so much out there for you to register your kids for – dance classes, music classes, art classes, ballet, piano, langauges etc… Am i guilty of that too? Sometimes i feel i am – i look at our weekly schedule & think – oh my God, we are hardly at home! We spent 1x whole day a week at home – other than that, we are out & about – going to stuff. It is only about 1x activity a day (so that’s a total of 5x activities).

The article highlights good reasons to bring your kids for extra activties & i think we fit that bill…

  • for stress-free fun
  • positive peer support
  • interaction with other kids (if not available near home)
  • activity which the child loves

We go to most of our activities for the interaction & he loves going to all of them – the only real learning class is Chinese – & that’s to keep up with our home language in a foreign country. Oh actually we sent him to daycare to be exposed to Swiss German & also to give mummy a little downtime. So am i overscheduling? i don’t think so but sometimes it feels so.

What about you? Is your week packed full? Or do you just go with the flow?

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