Yes that’s right – it snowed!
Autumn isn’t quite over – i think this is one of those early snows that won’t stay but still it was lovely to wake to a blanket of white.
Tobias was so excited – he woke & walked into the living room like he always does & then comes rushing back to me (in bathroom) saying,: "It’s winter Mummy, snow!"
Then he goes on to talk in great excitement about going skiing – he loves skiing – unfortunately we had to tell him – it’s not quite time to ski yet. He did want to go out & play in the snow – i said ok – but we never got round to it. We had spent most of the day, sorting through his old clothes & his hand-me-downs (which we have tons of – & are grateful for).

The snow actually started the night before – here’s my attemp at getting a picture of it in pitch darkness:

Here’s what it looked like this morning:

i had remembered posting about early snow falls last year or at least the year before but can’t seem to find it – it’s too late now…
Ok off to my cozy duvet & bed now…

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