Mechanic at Work …

Today Mummy had a mini book sale to do at St Ursula’s Church in Bern. As Daddy has gone to Canada for work (again – sigh!), Tobias tagged along – one of his favourite things to do ;).

& of cos we came home with a little more than we made at the sale – you see it was a sale of mostly second-hand kids clothes & toys so guess what our little mister came home with – yep – a new toy! He had his eye on it almost from the moment we arrived there to setup. Actually, he was looking at a motorcycle toy with Batman on it but saw the truck & changed his mind & when the nice lady said it came with a tool kit – that was it – it was his already.

Here’s a picture of him working on his truck – see that look of concentration ;p

That little drill thingy actually works – here’s a video of it:

It is a really fun toy – the whole thing comes apart, so he gets to take something apart without being yelled at & gets to put it back together again – he played with it almost the whole morning while we were at the sale which is great for me as i didn’t have to worry about him – there was no "Mummy i want this or that" or "Mummy play with me" or "Mummy i want to go now" – actually in the last hour we were there he did say he wanted to go – but this is after almost 4hrs of playing nicely by himself with his new toy & with another older gal who was also there with her mummy. So he was really really good 😉 i’m most pleased 😀

Of cos we came home with more than 1x toy. There was also 2x Roald Dahl books, 1x Mr Men book & 1x winter vest – great finds for a good price 😉

The second-hand stuff market is really great in Switzerland – most people here really take care of their stuff – so when they say second-hand here, you can be sure it is in good working condition & would look hardly used. Being second-hand, you can most definitely expect to find great finds for really low prices which is great for the budget – especially in the current global economic situation. You can get everything from kids stuff to snowboards (Walter got his snowboard second-hand) for much much less than half the brand-new price. Churhes regularly use this method to raise funds for good causes – today’s sale proceeds went to support kids with cancer. You can also visit a brocki or brockenhaus (second-hand shop) – every village would almost certainly have one – at least for kids stuff they will.

i wished that there was such a second-hand market available in Singapore – but i think in Singapore there is of cos available cheap alternatives & factory outlets so why get second-hand? Also people tend to frown upon getting things like clothes from someone they don’t know. Do you know of a good second-hand shop in Singapore? Do let me know & i’ll check it out on my next visit home. Or maybe you know somewhere in Asia that has a fab second-hand market like here?

Wishing you all happy shopping wherever you are 😉

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