Colourful Autumn…

Some time back i wrote that i should start posting some more pictures of beautiful Switzerland, seeing how i’m always telling people how truly beautiful the country is … so here are some Autumn pictures which i took with my lovely big SLR Canon Digital 300D – a present from Walter a few years back – which i hardly use cos of the size but i should & i hope to & will use it more & more… but i digress, here are the picts:

i love the contrast of the lovely red leaves of autumn next to the ever-green pine.

A close-up of some red creepers – they are always the 1st ones to turn red & to me, they are the most beautiful.

Of cos, the yellow ones are lovely too 😉

Here’s a lovely autumn sunset.

These photos were all taken within no more than a 20-min walk of our apartment – we don’t exactly live in the countryside, just a little village next to a baroque town in the center of Switzerland with a mountain behind us. Living in Switzerland one doesn’t have to go far to get near to nature – everywhere there is a nature trail & going on forest walks are a part of school here – they even have what is called a "Forest Kindergarten" here – i like how much most Swiss know & care about their environment.

We (Tobias & myself) were taking a walk around our neighbourhood, taking these photos, nearing home, he picked up a leave & ask me to take a photo of him – here it is:

So there you have – a little peek into how Autumn has falled on us…

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