Went to Bio-Farm & Papiliorama…

We went to a bio-farm (labeled a work-colonie on mapserach.ch) called Murimoos with Michaela & Xavi on Wednesday. It was a foggy morning but it cleared up nicely & we had a good time.

There was a nice fair-size playground, there was also a water play area (which we didn’t know about so the boys weren’t dressed to have water fun – next time), there were Angus cows & lots of plants to see, little farm animals too. However, as it was autumn, there were no sheep & pigs to see thot you see the pens they would have been in. Anyone knows where they keep sheep & pigs when the weather is cold?

They also had a wood workshop – but were only doing some sawing so not much to see. Quite a few tractors moving about – much to the delight of the boys. There was a bit more of the place to explore but we decided not too as they seemed (on the map) to be argicultural features & quite a walk away.

They had a nice little resturant where we had a nice lunch & even a snack before going home.
It was a great opportunity for the kids to see animals up close. The workers all live on the farm like one big happy family – very nice.

We would definitely go again – maybe in Spring so we get to see newborn animals too – hopefully.

This weekend, we were supposed to be up in the mountains of Wallis, Switzerland, enjoying some nice mountain fresh air & the beautiful nature, however, our neighbours decided not to go up (health reasons) so we are not there.

However, we did enjoy a nice afternoon at the Papiliorama in Kerzers, Switzerland.

It was wonderfully warm inside the Papiliorama – a tropical butterfly park (outside morning temps have been below 10), as well as Nocturama where you are thrust into the dark & have to squint hard to see the nighttime creatures – we had to convince Tobias to go in as he’s afraid of the dark – he had to go on as it was a one way in & one way out thing so once in the door you have to go on. Before this, Tobias had volunteered to go into the Arthropodarium while at the Papiliorama but backed out hastily once he realised it was in the dark & there were huge spiders!  But he did enjoy looking at the noctunal creatures in the end.

There was also a Jungle Trek which featured tropical animals, a ProNatur section (preserve environment type organisation) as well as a little cute section which showed the life of a tortise in Switzerland.

Going to the butterfly park is really a conquest of my fear of butterfly parks – when i was a child, we (my family) visited one & i was "chased" by butterflies as i was wearing a big red sweater! Ever since insects, especially flying ones gives me a fright. So i must say that today went well, thot i took the precaution of wearing black πŸ˜‰

Tobias completely enjoyed himself (except for in the dark parts & spider parts) – it was one of very few family outings as such for us (where we went by ourselves, not with visitors) – we constantly have to do something else on a Sat or Walter is away – so i’m happy πŸ™‚

Unfortunately for both these outings – i have no photos to post – at the Bio-Farm i brought the camera with but it ran out on batteries. i got 1x picture of the boys on my handphone but can’t seem to get it to download. For the Papiliorama, i forgot the camera but used my handphone – again can’t seem to get them. Maybe it will solve itself in the next couple of days & i’ll post them – hopefully. sigh.

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