Kangaroo Club…

So this is Tobias’ 3rd week at the Kangaroo Club… He likes it but he doesn’t yet love it as he does the Daycare which he goes to on Fridays.
The lady running the K.Club is really nice but i think he is a little confused as she speaks both Swiss & English. So far he’s always had people who speak only 1x language to him – no one really converses in both to him or at least he hasn’t heard people converse in both on a regular basis. We’ll have to evaluate at the end of this term/semester (still confused which term to use).

Here are some pics:
Here’s one of Tobias outside K.Club – i love the big drum she has painted with the name of the Club on it – it’s a little faded now but u can make it out. That drum helped me find the place – i would have driven straight past that 1st day if i hadn’t seen the drum.

Here’s one of the house itself – lovely little house – she uses the 2x front room (see the 2x downstairs front windows) for K.Club.

Here’s a view of one of the rooms & Tobias getting a book to read – guess what the book is about? šŸ˜‰ Airplanes … that’s my “flight-crazed” boy – hahaaa :p

The drive there takes us 30mins – so not too far – & it goes thru some lovely swiss countryside – i must try & take some pictures one day – when i’m not rushing back & fore.

Ok better stop here – still have a little of that headache since being ill last week.

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