Strep Throat – Yuck!!…

*swallow saliva* ouch!
*swallow water* ouch!!
*swallow yoghurt* ouch!!! ouch!!!
*swallow a mouthful of rice porridge* ouch!!!ouch!!!ouch!!!

That was how bad it was to eat/drink while having Strep Throat & my throat looks way worse than that picture in Wikipedia, & trust me – it felt far far worser (i know bad grammar – expressive license?)

i started feeling a sore throat late Tuesday night & by Wednesday night it was full blown with constant pain & sharp pain with every attempt to swallow anything, plus high fever. Of course, we went to the doc on Thursday morning. Confirmation – Strep Throat – i already had an idea that it was no normal sore throat – i, the semi-expert on having sore throats, knew that much.

With the wonderful aid of antibiotics, i started feeling better Friday night – but the constant headache won’t not go away – finally this morning, i felt more normal.

My darling hubby has been most wonderful!! What would i do without him – sigh!
He stayed home most of Thursday & went to work only in the late afternoon. He also stayed home Friday – partly cos he wasn’t feeling well, i think (he didn’t say) partly it was to care for me.

Thank God Tobias is in the clear – no strep for him!

However, that Wed night he had complained of ear pain (he also has a runny nose & cough for 2x weeks already) – so we decided that since we were at the doc’s we’ll have the doc look at him & we ended up going to the hospital ENT department – it turned out to be no biggie – Tobias just has a very common condition – his Eustachian tube was not draining fluids from his middle ear properly – so it causes pain sometimes – called Ottis Media as i now found out. The ENT felt it wasn’t too serious & gave us some meds to try & told us to make an appointment with the ENT specialist in a week’s time. Our family doc was just being cautious as the last few times we’ve seen him – it was always something to do with Tobias’ ears.

So that’s our drama this week! What’s yours?

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