Tobias’ 1st Swiss Haircut…

No, it’s not that we have never cut his hair – we normally cut it ourselves with a hair-trimmer/shaver or else we wait till we go back to Singapore & go to the Malay Barber for a cut.

This time i decided to try the Kids’ Hairdresser in the toy shop in Solothurn Old Town – i’ve seen lots of kids line up for their cuts & it seems to be quite good.
It was! It is!

The amount of fussing & squirming is very minimal compared to when we did the cut ourselves or when we did it at the Malay Barber. Maybe cos it was a pretty young lady doing the cut, maybe cos it’s a new thing, maybe he is just growing up – sigh! – my little guy growing up…

Anyhow, here are the before & after pics:

What do you think? Walter thinks it’s still too long – but i really didn’t want it tooooo short as he would look like a little rascal when he has it way too short. It’s all short around the sides & back & i asked her to keep the top a little longer – hoping to maybe grow that to a length where we could comb it – maybe.


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