Flashback …. Singapore Feb/Mar 2008 …

So as promised in my last 2 posts – here’s a little summary of the happenings while we were in Singapore – 12th Feb to 18th Mar 2008.

There was the usual visits with family & friends & playdates, all the catching up with what’s up for everyone & who’s had a new baby – hehhehe 😉

There were lots of birthdays to go to – there was Walter’s & Franklin’s, my mum’s, then Caleb’s, then Ethan’s, then my Aunt & Uncle’s so in all i think that was 7x birthdays!!
Here are some pics of the cakes we stuffed our faces with:
birthday cakes01mum's cake
more cakelast cake

We will most definitely miss all this lovely eating when we can no longer go during this Chinese New Year period – sigh!

Of cos, we managed some water activity – it being hot Singapore – well, actually it was half & half this time round – the 1st half being nice & warm & the 2nd half being rainy, still warm.
Here’s a little video of excited Tobias playing with the waves @ East Coast Beach:

Here are a couple of photos of him in other water activities:
Playing in the pool @ Hsi’s

Only proper swim of this visit

Tobias really got into Thomas the Tank Engine but i think Walter is the one who is really excited about trains – hehhehhe – here’s a pic of the big guy & his train tracks @ Wanz:
big on trains

Tobias also tried his hand at using chopsticks (it was those training chopsticks with guides for the fingers & joined at the top):

Tobias has also become quite a bowler this year 🙂

& here he is doing one of those crafty things (filling in some colour on a Hello Kitty pic which was then baked & cooled & could be hang – i think – now please know that we are not particularly fond of Hello Kitty but it was the easiest pattern for him to start with):
fill hello kitty

Oh & of cos the BIG thing while we were there was the opening of the Singapore Flyer (Singapore’s Version of the London Eye):
We went on it like the 2nd weekend they were opened to public – we even took my 90over grandma with us – she liked it!
Here’s a shot of the view:
view fr flyer

Tobias looking at the capsule coming in to ‘land’:
tobias in flyer

Look at the structure from way down here:
flyer structure

So as you can see – all in all, it was a very busy exciting visit this time round 😉
Hopefully we’ll be able to make one more next year before we’ll have to move our visit to the summer holidays.

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