Tobias ill, sick, unwell …

Yep, it seems that the virus has started it’s rounds – we are in the midst of a round of throwing up & fevers… sigh!
Since yesterday, i’ve changed & washed 2x sets of sheets, covers & duvets. Wipe down 2x sofas, changed & washed 4x sets of PJs & 2x sets of other clothes … Thank God it was my washing day so i could get most of them washed – the ones from today will just have to be hand-washed – sigh!

Tobias has been quite ill since Monday – he went to daycare in the morning complaining of a headache – we thot he was being whiny – but when i picked him up after lunch – they said he threw up 3x times (mostly water) – then he threw up on the way home & then another 4x times before he finally kept something down at about 11pm & fell asleep till about 5 am when he asked for more water. But he ran an almost constant fever … even today after seeing the doc & being on meds – sigh! We thot he was showing signs of recovery this morning – until he threw up at about 6pm – then another time before he fell asleep just an hour ago – we pray he will get better soon. The doc thinks it is a virus infection – which in Switzerland means ride it out. Sigh! But he also says it could be appendicitis (sp?) as Tobias felt more pain on the right side then on the left. The blood & urine test came out clean but we are to go back again tomorrow afternoon just in case.

The poor little guy has been really quite good about being ill – especially when he so hates to throw-up. He is most definitely more ill than he has been before – he doesn’t even have the energy to ask for a video to watch & he complains of pains (head & tummy) most of the time – sigh! i really do hope he gets better soon – he really hasn’t had much to eat or drink – sigh!

So do pray that he gets better asap!

i must say that i am grateful that Walter is here this time – unlike the last time & that trip to the hospital in the middle of the night.

We are all tried – haven’t slept much. Off to try & catch zzzzzzzz….

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