In the Car … On the Train …

Yep, we were in our car & the car was on the train … hmmm… kinda reminds me of a kids song – can’t remember what’s it called but it went something like this … “The rock was on the river, the boy was on the rock, the arm was on the boy, the rod was in his arm ……… etc …… and the river flowed on ……” – it was something like that – anyone know it??

Anyhow, so we were actually on our way to Wallis to spend the night – we were invited by our neighbours to go up to their little house in the mountains. It was very nice. There was lots of snow & they had a great view & the boys (theirs & ours) had lots of fun playing & skiing together. A BIG THANK YOU to Uncle Peter for helping to teach Tobias to ski, being patient even when Tobias was throwing a temper.

The exciting bit for us was riding on the train thru the mountain in our car. That’s right we drove our car & ourselves right onto the train, parked & the train took us all thru the tunnel – it was a really fun experience!

Here’s a photo of what the car-train was like:
In car On train

Here’s one of the view from our neighbours house:
The View Wallis

Here’s one of Tobias on skis:

& talking about skiing & snow – there was still lots when we came down from the mountain last night – in fact, it snowed even to cover a new layer. Today it snowed some more!! hmmm… i wonder when Spring will actually start – hehhehehhee 😉
But i must admit – it is nice to get one last chance at playing in the snow since we were gone for most of Feb & Mar 🙂

Next post – hopefully i will post stuff about our visit back home.

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