Finally family comes to visit…

i got news today that it is confirmed!! My brother is coming for a 1x month visit – finally, someone from my family will be visiting us! He will be here from 2nd August till 30th August. Looking forward to having him here. The poor thing however would have to transit for 12hrs at Dubai to get here – he’s so worried about what to do during the 12hrs 😉 i’m wondering where to take him to once he’s here – hahahahha 🙂

On other news, Tobias ate his 1st full scoop of ice cream by himself on Saturday!! Some may wonder why this is such a big news – well, cos he has never liked ice cream before! We have tried many times in the past to offer ice cream to him (wanting something we can bribe him with should such a need arise). In the past, he would taste 1x teaspoon or at the most 2x & turn his nose up at ice cream. i think the change came slowly. It may have started on a hot day this spring, when we had tea with a friend & her son – we all had an ice cream each. Tobias wanted exactly what Jamie (my friend’s son) was having – he didn’t quite finish but he was really into it. So this past Saturday, we went to the shopping centre to get some stuff – he saw the ice cream shop & wanted one. We said after lunch. After lunch, we asked if he wanted his ice cream. Tobias said he wanted to play in the play area – so i said,”You either play or have the ice cream.” He chose play – so we thot that was the end of that. After play we went to buy stuff. Halfway thru buying stuff, Tobias asked,”Where’s my ice cream?” We laughed & said after we finished buying stuff. He reminded us again while we were going down the escalator – so he got his 1x scoop & enjoyed it.

My darling hubby has been really great! He built me my book-stands in only 2x nights!!! & this is after he gets back from work as well!!
Now i can display my books at the book parties next week with pride 🙂
Here’s a picture of his handy work:

PS: this picture was taken & uploaded within minutes of him completing it!

😉 syc

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