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Yep, me – little ol’ me is getting interviewed – a fellow-mummy-blogger was offered to be interviewed with 5x questions & she has, in turn, offered to customize 5x interview questions for any other blogger. So this is my offer to you also – if you have a blog & wished to be interviewed, leave a comment stating your desire to be interviewed, with your blog address & email & i’ll get back to you as soon as i can with the questions.

Here are my questions, posed to me by Stay-at-Home-Motherdom & of cos my answers to her 5x questions:
1) What is the most difficult thing about being a parent?
Well, i think that would be knowing if you made the right decision for every step of your child’s life. i’m a 1st time mum – so i worry about all the little things – whether we have been too hard with discipline or too soft, whether he’s getting enough vitamins in his food, whether he will be hurt by others if he doesn’t learn to stand up for himself (on the other hand, we don’t want him to be aggressive). Whether i was right to be fussy about him tidying up, or about him not spitting his food, or about him doing well at his various classes, or maybe i have signed him up for too many classes, or whether or not he will retain enough to be able to speak all the languages that he needs (we have a unique situation with this) etc… so many little things… sigh!

2) How long have you been married? What initially attracted you to your husband?
We will be married 5x years come September this year. Yep, 5x years already!! However, we have known each other for more than 11yrs now. hmmm… what’s the initial attraction?… hard to pinpoint now – it has been more than 10yrs already since that time. i guess it was his strength in personality – the strong silent type, he is. i’ve always wondered what made these strong silent types the way they were, what made them ticked. Now when people ask me why i married him in the end – well, he makes me laugh! i think that is so very important in a relationship – the ability to get each other to smile, even in bad situations. The down side is, of cos, it makes it hard to stay angry at or with him for too long – hhahahhaa 😉

3) What is one of the most significant moments in your life that deepened your faith?
Well, it would have to be when my now darling husband broke up with me (we broke up 1x time & got back together). i had never allowed myself to love someone like i did him & he broke my heart. i cried for months, blamed God but mainly blamed myself. & finally i ran away from the country altogether. Then away from family & friends, in a strange new country, i had to learn to depend so completely on God – i was a poor student, depending on my very small savings to survive the years in university in a foreign land. Of cos, i had no intentions at that time of ever returning home – but God had other plans. So i returned home after my degree & we got back together. From this 2 years plus “adventure”, i learned that God’s ways are higher than my ways; that God will always provide no matter what; & that God is always on time, never early, never late, just on time.

4) What is your favorite non-fiction book? Why? What is your favorite fiction book and why? What children’s book would you recommend to others?
hmmm… this sounds more like 3x questions than 1x 😉
Anyhow, … non-fiction book? … honestly, i don’t read non-fiction lots, except for books about babies & children – what i do read, or at least used to read when i could get it regularly is Reader’s Digest. i love the various articles about true life stories of people – esp about them surviving adversities & the medical articles (i read quite a bit of that cos i have a life-long medical condition.) Of cos, the other non-fiction book i read is the Bible – i don’t read it as much as i would like to or as i should – but it is truly the best read ever – it is, after all, the Truth.
Fiction book – that would have to be JRR Tolkien’s Hobbit & the Lord of Rings series. i just love the use of language in the book – not just the use of the English language to paint such wonderful pictures of Middle Earth, but the creation of other languages too – elvish & dwarfish, also the drawings, the creation of an entire world for you to disappear into whenever you open the books. That’s the joy of reading!
Children’s Book – well, that is easy – any Dr. Seuss book – they are my absolute favorites. i had them as a little gal. i read them to my baby brother & now i’m reading them to my little boy. The rhyming is just so enchanting & the stories quite funny, the illustrations even better! so have a read please – visit seussville.

5) What is your favorite website and why?
Oh, tough one… i would have to say no fav website – i surf mainly for information & to keep up with friends (via emails & blogs) – this is what i call practical surfing so not much attention paid to much else besides info. Also i used to work as a Creative Producer for a web development firm – so that has sort of spoiled my eye for websites, only the most eye-catching or out-of-the-box ones catch my attention & of cos, with practical surfing, i hardly come across anything that great, even content-wise.

That’s my 5x questions all answered.
So leave a comment if you wanna be interviewed & of cos the condition would be that, you have to email me once you have posted your answers to your customized questions on your website.


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