Fun at home…

i thot i would post some stuff about the fun we have at home. So here they are in pictures & videos (if the video still doesn’t work – LJ needs to fix this video thing! – then please just copy & paste the whole http line which you can see – thanks – UPDATE 16/06/2007 – new embeded code from YouTube is working so enjoy – however, the so-called related videos are not related at all!!):

Here’s my “Picasso” at work, drawing on his new board which he got for his 3rd birthday:

Here’s are father & son playing with Daddy’s new toy – remote-controlled plane (i’ll give you a prize {prize decided by me} if you can spot where the plane is):

Here’s Tobias picking up the plane which landed in the grass:

Here’s one of Tobias trying to get his new “blue hair” to stay on his head (he made the blue hair with his new playdough set):

Well, hope you had fun viewing.

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