New Bed – Milestone …

We’ve hit another milestone in the growing life of Tobias.

We put together his big bed today – he was so excited when he heard about in the morning after breakfast. He kept saying,”New bed, new bed.” over & over. My darling hubby had lots of work to do & today is a public holiday here (Christ Ascension – catholic holiday) – but in between working, he put up the bed & i sorted out the re-arrangement of furniture after. Tobias tried to help, here’s an example (He is helping to sort out the nails/screws to be used):

Here he is trying to put his plastic blue scissors into good use:

& here’s what his room looks like now:

Oh i should explain why we have the bunk beds – we bought these beds from a family who were going home but they wanted to sell it as a set & not split the beds up (the beds can be set up as 2x separate beds) – so we took the lot. It would have costed us twice as much to get Tobias a new single bed.

By the way, we will be hitting another milestone come Sunday – He’ll be turning 3 years old!!! Time really flies!
Unfortunately he has been running a slight fever since his nap – hopefully it all goes away by morning & we can go to the celebration thingy for his birthday at his daycare.

We will also be having a celebration in church – will post about both celebrations.
All in all – a good day.

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