Happy Mother’s Day to all Mummies!!!

It’s Mother’s Day tomorrow – Happy Mother’s Day to all the Mums out there!!
Give yourselves a big pat on the back cos we all know as mums we do the best we can – always – & we give all of ourselves to be mums.

i wanna tell MY MUMMY – You are the very best in the world – i would not be where i am today or be the person i am today if not for you – I LOVE YOU MUMMY!!! & Thank you so very very much for being my mummy!

& some ask why we are all happy to be mums.
Well, cos the little ones who steal our hearts – here’s one example:

Here’s a proud moment for me as a mummy – my little guy doing the “Look, Mum, No Legs!!”. For those not familiar with what he is riding on, it’s a bicycle without pedals – this is called a Laufrad here. Basically, it teaches the kids balance & then in a couple of years when they are ready for the big bikes, u just get them one without training wheels & off they go.

If u can’t make out what he says at the end of the video, here it is:”Sweetheart, i’m home.”
😉 cute huh!?
He learnt this from a Winnie the Pooh video – hahhahaha 😉

(NOTE: Sigh! there is something wrong with the video displays in LJ – so please click this link until they resolve the issue – thanks.)

(Note: As of 16/06/2007, issue resolved – the new video link ends with links to other videos that are not mine.)

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