Tobias is 3!!!

Tobias had his 3rd birthday last Sunday – yes it has taken me a week to get this up – but i was busy with books stuff (see next post for details).
The very lucky boy had 2x birthday parties this year – yep, 2x – which meant 2x cakes & a couple more presents đŸ˜‰

Here he is, on the morning of his birthday, very happy with his presents:

Here’s his 1st cake (the official one) Big Trucks cake – he couldn’t waiting to take the trucks off the cake from the moment we picked up the cake!

Here are the kids at church who were there for his birthday (the official party was held at church):

Here’s his 2nd cake (mummy homemade one), which was for the celebrations at his Krippe (daycare):

Here are some of his teachers & friends at his daycare, singing Happy Birthday.

Here he is blowing out the candles, even before the cake is properly on the table – hahhahahaa ;), he wanted to get to the opening of the presents part quickly!

All in all they were nice simple celebrations. We may do something bigger next year when he understands more & can ask for more for his party.


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