Major Update (warning – pics-heavy)…

A most blessed Christmas to everyone!!!

So we haven’t updated in a while – what has been happening? Quite a bit – so here’s the download…
i’ve put most of it behind cuts – so click to read.

Birthday Parties
Tobias had been invited to a number of birthday parties in Dec…

Silvie’s Birthday Party – 8th Dec 2006 – MacDonald’s, Bern
Silvie is one of Tobias’ playmates from Gymboree. She turned 2 this Dec, a really sweet but definitely a knows-what-she-wants little gal. It wasn’t too exciting a party – but that’s just cos in my opinion the MacDonald’s staff aren’t trained at all to do kids birthday party & they were just rushing us to get thru it so they can attend to the upcoming lunch-crowd. Not a good experience.

Here’s a pic of all the kids who were there (except for the birthday gal):

So difficult to get them all to look at the camera, at the same time.

Here’s one of the birthday gal:

Anatasia’s Birthday Party – 14th Dec 2006 – Langendorf, Solothurn
Anatasia is our little Swiss-Russian neighbour. She also turned 2 this Dec. A very lively but somewhat bossy little gal. It was a nice home party – with a wonderful spread of food & the host constantly keeping your wine glass filled. However, it was a fair strain on my language skills – they all spoke German, mainly Swiss-German actually.

Here’s a pic of Tobias & Anatasia at the party at her house:

Here’s one of her most beautiful doll cake (very sweet – all that grass is icing!):

Here’s one of her very cute little brother – Alexander:

Then it was Charly’s Birthday Party (from the same Gymboree Music Class) – he had 2x – one at home & one at Nilpfi (indoor playpark). We went to the one at Nilpfi – 19th Dec 2006. It was great fun. English being the common language between a Singaporean mum, a Taiwanese mum, a Vietnamese mum & their kids – so language was not a problem for me. The people were great – they setup the table & then let us run the program – e.g. when the kids eat, play etc…, we had free bumper-car rides, ice-cream, chocolate – the kids had fun, the mums had fun – all in all i think it was the best party of the lot.

Here’s a pic of everyone at the party table:

Here’s Tobias & Charly on Bobby Cars:

Here’s one of my very adventureous little boy going down the Big Slide, one which makes even mummy a little afraid:

Speaking of adventureous little boy, we went swimming just last week & Tobias wanted to swim on his own without his float & without mummy holding onto him – after a few mouthfuls of poolwater, he settled for being in his float & saying, “mummy to go to work & tobias stay here.” It was the Wednesday before Christmas so the kids’ pool was empty except us & it was fun to have it all to ourselves – it was also a good bonding time for us. These are memories i want to create for him to remember his childhood by.

Memories – memories of Christmas
This is Tobias’ 3rd Christmas – but i think he doesn’t really remember the last 2x. Hopefully he’ll start remembering from here on. i have decided to start a tradition of saying a little prayer to Thank God for the Gift of our Lord Jesus Christ before we open our gifts – hoping that this will remind us & Tobias of the real reason for celebrating Christmas.

Here’s a pic of our Christmas Tree (which my darling hubby decided can be a little bigger this year – 😉

Here’s one of Tobias, eagerly waiting to open his 1st present:

Here’s Tobias, wearing Daddy’s present – a Lord of the Milk t-shirt:

Oh here’s one last pic – Tobias made a nice little Christmas tee-light holder at daycare:

His carers said that he did most of the pasting – mummy & daddy are very proud 😉

Oh & of cos there was the Kids Christmas Program at church – it went really well after 5x sundays of rehearsals & the kids sang beautifully – all 5x songs – Silent Night in English, German, French & Chinese, as well as Joy to the World in English. Unfortunately, i forgot my camera but there was a video recording – so i’ll try & get that up here if possible.

Well, this ends the rather long, pic-intensive update.

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