A Fruitful & Joyous New Year to all

So 2006 has come to an end & 2007 is starting – Hey!! where did the year get to??!!
Well, it flew by – so what are some of the milestones of 2006 for the Yoongz?
Hmmm… well, we started this Blog that’s one. Tobias turned 2. We have stayed in Switzerland for more than 9months at a stretch (previous years, since we had Tobias, we have gone back almost every 6mths). Tobias started daycare. Oh the 1st snow-free Dec since we’ve been here – well, there is snow high up in the mountains but not lots & it has not snowed yet where we live – which is most most unusual. So i have no snowy picture to say Happy New Year with – this is the best i can do for snowy picture for now – taken 13th Dec 2006, snowfall was barely 1mm.

In April of this year, i asked the question “Where did Spring go?”.
Now my question is “Where did Winter-Snow go?”
So 2006 has been the year from strange weather!
Now to say, Farewell 2006, Hello 2007!!!

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