Now about the other “baby boy” in my live…

No, no we didn’t have another little baby – this is the big guy – my darling hubby – he has taken ill & quite seriously too. i’ve never seen him so ill. He usually gets the mild version of any bug that he does catch, which are few to begin with. He had a high fever that came & went for about 4 or 5 days & bodyaches & headaches. He finally felt that it was serious enough to go see the doctor today (he was supposed to fly to Germany & for the 1st time ever, he stayed home, away from work!! – i’m proud that he managed to do that!). The doc says that there’s a bad flu bug going round & was concerned that it might be Bird Flu but the blood test came back all clear & all levels good (whatever that means medically). So he gave medication & told Walter that he needed to come back for a check on Friday. Today Walter spent most the day in bed, sleeping or trying to sleep with a really bad headache. He was only up for meals & seeing the doctor.
Well, we pray that he recovers quickly & that Tobias & myself stay healthy thruout.

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