A major thing which i didn’t post about…

i just realised that the one thing which has taken up most of my last 2x months & i haven’t even posted about it at all!! How terrible is that?! Well, not really – i emailed people about it, just not here but for the record – for the last 2x months, we have been waiting on Walter’s office & his client in Texas to decide if we would go there for 2x months or not. It started with we’ll definitely need to be there for at 8x weeks or more (Dec & Jan) & then when Walter came back in Nov from Texas – still no confirmation. In the meantime, i had go round cancelling stuff & classes so that we can prepare to go. i also emailed people to find out what Tobi & myself could do there while Walter is at work – a few gave wonderful suggestions. (so if any one is on their way to Forth Worth, Texas, let me know & i’ll pass on the list of activities) At the end of Nov they said that it’ll likely only be for Dec. Then Dec gets here & we still don’t know – people kept asking,”U still here? When are u going?”. Finally, the 2nd week of Dec they confirm that we’ll not need to go in Dec & now the status is we “might” need to go in Jan – but all is still up in the air – SIGH! So we wait once again.
i was & still am frustrated with all this waiting – i’m not the most patient person in the world – sigh! Maybe Tobi & me will just stay here even if Walter has to go in Jan – we’ll see how it goes.

Walter has to go off to Germany tomorrow (again – he went last week too) for a few days – i pray he gets back in time for us to get our tree on Friday (the day we set to get our tree)
Ok better get back to BSF homework & then Christmas cards.

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