Samichlaus & Schmutzli…

Today is the day that Samichlaus & his Schmutzli traditionally come & visit the children. He’s like Santa but the Swiss/European version & the Schmutzli is his companion. i have been told that if a child is good, then Samichlaus (looks pretty much like Santa) gives him/her goodies. If a child is not good, then the Schmutzli (dressed in all black with a black beard) will bag the kid & dump him somewhere. i’m not sure when this Samichlaus comes on this date – at Christmas over here – it’s the Christ Child that comes & gives gifts.
There was also the big Chase the Samichlaus thingy – the Kuessnachter Klausjagen – which happened last night – it’s a big event in a little village called Kuessnacht. Every year we try to make it there but we never do get to it – sigh! Hopefully next year.

So today we went to our local supermarket to see Samichlaus – it’s Tobias’ 1st Samichlaus (previous 2years don’t count – he was too small to do anything) Tobias was a little unsure what to do with a big man in a red suit with a white beard & his little help in all black. He sort of warmed up to them when they told him to open his bag so they could give him the goodies (peanuts, chocolate & mandarin). The Schmutzli had to bribe him with a chocolate so he would stand with Samichlaus for a photo. Here’s the photo (i forgot to ask the Schmutzli to get into the picture):

It has been windy & rainy – not nice weather at all – the temps are bad – just wind & rain makes it all gloomy – hopefully this will pass & we’ll get some nice white snow for Christmas.
Now to get off my bum & get to writing cards – yep haven’t even written them – let alone send them out!!

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