Hedgehog sighted!

We saw a little hedgehog on our back terrace a couple of nights ago – i had wanted a nice little photo but unfortunately it was dark & i didn’t want to flash at the little guy so we didn’t get a picture. So check out Hedgehog Central then you guys can have a look how cute they are.
Tobias was really excited – it was cold so we wrapped him in a fleece blanket & let him stand at the doorway looking at the hedgehog. We turned on the light to see it better but the little hedgehog walked away after a while. It did come back but went away quickly as i think it didn’t like being stared at by 3x pairs of human eyes ;).
We’ve been hoping to see it again but it hasn’t appeared – maybe i’ll try & put out some food for it to see if it will come back. Now that i know what it eats that is – just concerned that the neighbourhood cats might beat the little guy to the food.

On other matters which occupy our lives at the moment, we are in a frustrating waiting thingy – we’ve been waiting for Walter’s office & client to confirm if we are going to Texas or not & when. It has been like this for a month now – sigh! At 1st they said 2x months, & now they say maybe just Dec & now they aren’t even sure – sigh! Hopefully we’ll know within the next few days – i’ve been constantly telling people that we are going & people keep asking when & i keep saying i don’t know (especially hard with the Krippe & our Music & BSF classes, the latter 2x i had hope to be able to carry on if we do go there) – the other frustrating bit is not knowing how much we can plan for – esp during this festive season – sigh!!

On a good note, Tobias has started telling the ladies at the Krippe (daycare) when he needs to go to the loo – which is great!!! He’s also picking up more & more Swiss now. i have to now listen hard to see if he’s saying something in Swiss or English, which has it’s funny & frustrating moments – i must remember to write down what he says.

So that’s it – now to motivate myself to start on writing Christmas cards & sending them out before it’s too late. Tired from waking up early to drive Walter to the train station – he’s in Germany till tomorrow.

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