Today over lunch, i watched a documentary on our Charlie & the Chocolate Factory DVD – it was about Roald Dahl – the author of Charlie & the Chocolate Factory. Near the end of the documentary, Dahl is quoted saying “Children don’t need ‘snotty’ parents. They deserve ‘sparky’ parents” (note: quote is not exact). Somewhere in the documentary they also say that Dahl had 2x ‘sparky’ parents. So it set me thinking – what are ‘sparky’ parents? They sound great & if they can help a child grow up to be a fun-loving genis like Dahl – i wanna be one too.
i’ve always known that i would be hard on my kid/s (one of the reasons i thot i should never marry was that i thot my kid/s would suffer too much). & i’m finding that to be true now that i do have a kid. i’m real strict on what can & can’t be done or should be done & expect a lot from him – am i expecting too much? Maybe – i think so. That’s why the idea of being a ‘sparky’ parent really appeal to me.
What about my parents? They were strict but they are also, in my opinion, the best parents anyone could have – i won’t trade them for the world. Sure there were times when i was young that i thot i didn’t really like them but those times were few & far between. My parents are great – they had rules about the important stuff but other than that they let us be who we are & tried to support us in any way they can. They are also great fun to be with – i grew up in a household that was always noisy & full of laughter.
i can truly say that i believe my parents are ‘sparky’ parents! & i wanna be like them.
i will aim to add some ‘sparkyness’ to my parenting.
So what do u think are ‘sparky’ parents?

PS: If you have not watched the movie or read the above mentioned book, please do – it’s great!

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