This is about mums…

So finally a non-tobi post – i read in the NYT online today a really interesting article – about momtini – check out the article & let me know what u think … Cosmopolitan Moms

i agree that moms need a break & not make their kids/family what their whole lives is about but i’m not sure about the spa party, cocktails bit. i’m sure these mums who do it do so with restain – at least most – but there’s always the odd accident, isn’t there? i’m not judging them – but i think i’ll do my relaxing with my 2x fav things – chocolate & a good book, or just a good old fashion chit-chat session with galfriends, maybe we’ll indulge & treat ourselves to a good Hi-Tea – now the question would be where to find good Hi-Tea at a reasonable price with child-friendly facilities here in Switzerland – ideas anyone?

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