2nd trial day at daycare…

So yesterday was the 2nd trial day for Tobias at the Krippe. It went really well – i left him there after watching him have breakfast & came back just before lunch time – he did very well according to the gals there – didn’t cry – just played with the toys & other kids. He was enjoying an apple when i returned & he didn’t run to greet me (which was a little sad for mummy but…).
So the final paperwork has been settled & we’ll start officially on Monday (2nd Oct). i’ll probably watch him have breakfast again & then leave him there it is time to pick him up after lunch.

Today we went to the Herbst Solothurn (HESO) – a autumn fair/exhibition type thingy even year at the end of Sept. Tobias enjoyed himself petting the animals at the Petting Zoo – thot one of the calf knocked him over – he is fine. Then we rode the train & merry-go-round – he won’t ride by himself so i went with him (it was nice that there was no charge for the mummy). i really didn’t like the merry-go-round too much – went round too fast i felt. Or maybe i’ve just not been on one for so very long. Walked round to see the 8x halls of exhibits & then it was the playground for a bit & then home.

It has been a good day.

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